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Top 5 Rising Djs Of The Year 2018

These young and rising stars have made big moves in 2018 and are on the verge of a breakthrough into the “mainstream” clubbing scene in Eldoret and beyond.

Usually, these sorts of articles are published at the end of the year but, if you have been reading Eldoret Leo then you know we don’t follow scripts. Besides, we are crossing over to the last quarter of 2018 and the window to make a statement is quickly closing.

Entertainment makes the world go round and even though the Eldoret club scene has been dynamic for the past few years, we seem to be running circles around Fashion shows and bubbling challenge, but amidst the whirlpool, five exciting and hard-grafters are on the come up. They are revitalizing the clubbing scene in Eldoret…

Top 5 Rising Djs Of The Year 2018


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